Monday, March 26, 2012

The Birthday Party!

For the girls 2nd birthday party, I knew I didn't want to try and have it at my house again.  There just isn't enough space in my house to accommodate that many kids and adults and since it's cold in January, we couldn't have some of it outside either.  So, I began looking into some local places to have their party.  We decided on The Little Gym and I think it was a great decision!!  I didn't have to worry about decorating or cleaning up :)!  Another great thing was that they had staff who organized and led games with the kids and also took care of the food, cake, and present time!  We originally wanted to do Chick-fil-a, of course, but the party was on a Sunday so we decided on Pizza and fruit.  For dessert we did cupcakes from Sam's and cookies. A sweet friend that I met through another friend, Kari Beth (who made the girls bday shirts, she is SO super talented!!), told me about her SIL who makes cookies and so I contacted Holly and asked her if she could make the cookies for me.  She did and they turned out better than I even thought possible :)! I LOVED them!  She is also SO very talented.  They tasted great too.  For the party favors, I just made homemade number 2 crayons and put a blank notepad and stickers with it.

**Picture overload**

 Aren't these cookies that Holly did just the cutest??!!

 Baby Olivia Crow got to come :)!

 Sweet little friends: Jax, Micah, Hunter, Ava, Zach, Adeline, Noah, Kellen.  Also there, Annabel, Landon, Colson, Olivia, and Leah.  We missed Westin and Elsy Kate who were sick.

 Parker wanted to play with the balloon (shocker, ha) instead of open gifts, so cousin Hunter helped Payton

Once Payton opened these gifts she got a little distracted.  She was enjoying these :)!
Some of the "big kids".  We love our friends, so thankful for them!

How in the world I didn't get any pics of the girls with their grandparents is beyond me??  My mom was taking a lot of the pics and I'm just not good at remembering to take pictures...goodness.  But so thankful both sets of grandparents were able to come up.  It was a wonderful party and we are so grateful for the friends and family that were able to come and help celebrate Payton and Parker turning 2!  We love you all!

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