Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 Recap - Part 2

It's hard for me to remember what I did last week, let alone a few months ago :)!  But we started March off with a Relay run with some of our good friends.  We have done several runs/races with Jason and Katie over the last few years and the LR Marathon has been one we have been doing with friends!  Davin has done the Little Rock Marathon 5 out of the 6 years (missed last yr b/c our sweet babies were only a little over a month old) we've been married, running either the half, full, or relay. This was either my 3rd or 4th time doing a form of Relay at LR. 
This was our first time to run as a team with our husbands, so it was fun.  Davin came up with our team name "Chips and Salsa"!  I ran first, followed by Jason, then Davin, and Katie finished!  Our goal was to finish under 4hrs and we did it in 3hrs50mins, so we were excited about that.  It's always a fun time with friends!
Davin has been wanting to do the Rock-n-Roll Marathon Series for a while now.  So after talking with one of his friends that also runs, they decided this would be the year.  You do 6 races.  I think they are doing 2 fulls and 4 halfs?!  Our first one in the series was in Dallas.  I was SO happy b/c it was very cold at our house, but by the time we go to Dallas it was in the low 80s, sunny, no humidity, PERFECT!  Plus it was the end of March, so it was like our first warm weather after so much snow.  It was a quick trip. We got there Saturday around lunch time and shopped around at the Outlets and then met up with Mark and Jill and went to the Expo.  The next day the guys ran while me and the girls, and Jill and Kellen cheered them on.  They did great and then we all headed back to pack up, shower, have lunch, and head home.

We went to Branson with 3 other couples for our 3rd Branson Annual Getaway.  We started out with 6 adults our first year and this year we had 8 adults and 5 kids under 2!  It will be fun to watch this group grow and change over the years.  We hope we can continue this annual trip b/c it is such a nice getaway and good quality time with friends we love.

Beth Moore came to our state for a Seminar and I was SO excited to be able to go.  My mom and I went and had a great time!  I've done several Beth Moore studies, but hadn't ever seen her in person.  She had a great message and the Worship was wonderful. 

We switch off Holidays with our parents and this year was our year to spend Easter at Davin's parents.  Davin did a lot of golfing with his dad and the whole Hicks' group.  And of course the grandparents (they chose to go by Grand and Pa) had lots of fun soaking up time with the girls.

Payton looking at the goats on the 'farm'
Parker just loved being able to run wild

Payton checking out the toys in her Easter bucket

Parker was taking her time

Easter morning at Grand's house
The next weekend we went to Nashville, TN for RnR race number 2!  This time my parents kept the girls for us and we had a little getaway weekend!  We got there early afternoon on Friday and checked into our hotel and headed for the Expo.  After that we went downtown and ate at a really neat place and just walked around Music City!  Saturday morning we headed out bright and early to the run.  This was the first Full in the series and after I left Davin at the start line I made my way to go see him at a few stops along the way and cheer him on.  Jill had decided to run the Half and so I was on my own trying to navigate my way through a city I didn't know where half the roads were blocked due to the race; little stressful but I made it and they finished!  We had lunch with Mark, Jill, Kellen, and Jill's mom. After lunch Davin and I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and then walked down Broadway and went in a few little shops.  We also went to Opryland and walked around the hotel/resort.  It is beautiful! We walked down to the Grand Ole Opry and found a Christmas ornament in the gift shop.  We like to collect ornaments from all our travels together.  Finally we met up with my childhood best friend Whitney.  She lives in Nashville and was out of town for a wedding, but made it back Saturday night.  We had dinner together and stayed the night with her.  It was great seeing her.  Sunday morning we got up bright and early to make the 5hr rainy/stormy trip back to my parents.  I sure missed my girls, but we all had a great time!

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