Friday, July 8, 2011

Last part of 2011 Recap

***I left out a very important part of April!  The first week in April we got to meet Miss Elsy Kate Futterer!  Her parents are some of our great friends, Joe and Amberley.  She is the sweetest little chunky monkey!  I hope our girls will be friends growing up.  We love you Elsy Kate!
I stole this pic from Ams facebook.  Isn't she so sweet?!
I had a great Mother's day again this year.  We didn't do a lot, but it was nice to be home with my girls and be pampered by Davin. 
The next week I celebrated my birthday.  I honestly don't remember what we did, HA! Davin and the girls spoiled me with some nice bday gifts though! 
That weekend we went to my parents for my grandmother's birthday party.  A lot of family was there so it was good to see them.  I'm not so good at taking pictures and so I don't have a single one from the party.  I'm hoping blogging will help me do better at taking pictures.
On the 20th we celebrated our 6 year wedding Anniversary.  Thankfully it fell on a Friday and our church was having FNO (friday night out) so we were able to drop the girls off and go on a date!  We went to a new little local place to eat and it was SO good.  I'm so thankful for a wonderful, Godly husband who always wants the best for me and takes good care of me!  Again, no picture to document our 6th anniversary. 
The next day we went to Hunter's 2nd bday!  Davin and Mandy are cousins, so it's great having family so close and being such good friends!  Mandy did a great job with his party and God allowed it to be a beautiful day after so much rain!
All the kiddos!

Birthday boy lovin some cupcake!

Mandy's mom (Aunt Trish) got married over Memorial Day weekend.  The Hicks' have started an annual get together over Memorial day weekend and this year it was held up on a mountain close to my parents which was great so I didn't have to camp out :)!  I like camping (1-2 day max) but Davin was actually gone on a fishing/work trip to Canada and so he missed out on the reunion/wedding, and I did not want to chase both girls around by myself.  So, thankfully my parents watched them while I headed up the mountain to hang out with family.  Sunday was the wedding and it was small, but beautiful!  I pray they have many years of happiness! 

Mrs. Trish, beautiful inside and out!
We celebrated our sweet friend Ava's 2nd bday!  Her parents are some of our great friends and it was good to celebrate with her friends and family.  Abby did a great job on the party!

Parker and Adeline

Payton having fun outside

Davin pushing the birthday girl with Zach running beside them.

Sweet friends.  Love these girls.  Jill, me, Abby, and Katie

Payton wasn't so sure about the water

The girls LOVED this slide.  Kellen on the barbie jeep :)
That night we had a fellowship at the park with our small group.  We all brought our own picnic dinners and visited while the kids played.  We love our small group and the friendships we have through it.

sweet little friendships
(Kellen, Zach, Adeline, Westin, and on the ground is Colson, Payton, and Parker)

We had a good Father's day weekend.  Since it was one of our only free weekends this month we decided to see if both of our parents wanted to come up on Saturday to celebrate Father's day.  My parents actually came up on Friday to watch the girls so Davin and I could go on a date.  We are so thankful for parents that are willing to come up to babysit :)!  Then Saturday Davin and I ran in a little 5k trail run.  Jason and Katie were there also so we ran with them.  It felt good to get up and get some exercise before we indulged in food the rest of the day.  After we got cleaned up, we all met Davin's parents at the Farmer's Market.  Then we cooked out and the dad's opened their gifts.  Once the girls went down for their nap, my mom and I did a little shopping.  On Father's day we went to church and had fun the rest of the day celebrating what a great daddy Davin is to our girls, they love him! 

The next weekend was RnR Marathon #3 in Seattle!  I didn't go with Davin this time, but he was able to meet up with Mark, Jill, and Kellen and spend the weekend with them.  The guys ran about a 1:43 half, great job!  Lucky for Davin, Jill is like a travel agent and she had all kinds of fun stuff planned for them to do in their short visit there.  (Davin didn't get a picture of the race, but thankfully Jill did so I'm going to have to get one of her pics!) 

Just for me to remember!  I had been wanting to try out toddler time at our local library and I decided to be brave and take the girls.  Thankfully Abby and Ava met us there.  It was fun and cute, but my girls don't want to sit on the little mat or in my lap, they just wanted to run around.  And it's hard to chase 2 toddlers around when they are running in 2 different directions!  I was a little stressed, but Abby helped me since Ava is old enough to understand not to run away (most of the time!).  My girls are not shy and will go to anyone (right now) and at one point Payton just went up front with the big kids and even sat on her bottom when the teacher asked them to so she could read a story.  Of course 2 minutes later she was up and running ha! We probably won't be doing toddler time again for a little while :)!
Yay!  Now I am caught up.  Hopefully I will be able to stick with this so I can have a scrapbook of this sweet time in our life.

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