Monday, October 17, 2011

Sick again, pumpkin patch, donuts

So, in my last post I said we were "off to the doctor tomorrow"...and so on Tuesday morning off we went to the Dr.  I woke up not feeling real well and by the time we got to the Dr.'s office I was SO sick.  I just felt horrible.  We got to the clinic and had to wait longer than normal and as each minute passed, I was feeling more sick.  By the time the Dr. got to our room he looked at me and said "are you OK? you don't look well", and I said that I felt like I had the flu.  He checked the girls out and then gave us all an antibiotic.  I was so thankful, b/c i did not have the strength to take the girls and go see a Dr. myself.  We got home and by God's strength I was able to get them lunch and put down for their nap.  I then went straight to bed and stayed there until Davin got home.  I had a 103 fever and just felt awful. I have not been that sick in a long time and I don't know if it was the flu or just some virus, but I'm so thankful it is over with!!  My mom had just been up to help out when I was sick with a stomach bug the week before, so we asked Davin's mom to come help b/c there was no way I could get out of bed.  Finally on Thursday I was feeling much better, and by Friday I was back to normal.  The girls are doing much better too! I am so thankful for faithful friends and family to pray for me, and the girls! I'm hoping and praying we are all well for a good long while :)!  Whew!

So on Friday since we were all feeling good and the weather was beautiful, we went to a local pumpkin patch with Mandy and Hunter.  It was just adorable.  It is an old fruit farm that has been around for years and each Fall, they set up a pumpkin patch. 
 The girls loved these little people, Ha!
 Parker wanted this guy to come with her ;)
 They each picked out their own little pumpkin :)
Me and my girls!

I wanted to take Davin back the next day so that I could get a few pumpkins for our front porch and to try and get some pictures of the girls (didn't get much, guess it's the age), plus he enjoys those old farm places!  We started the day off with donuts.  Since we have been married (6 1/2yrs) we have not gone to get donuts once and the girls have never had one.  So we met up with the Futterers at Olde Tyme Donuts before heading to the pumpkin patch.  We got the girls donut holes and they LOVED them.  I got a blueberry cake donut and it was good, but I think I actually liked the donut holes better! 
 Got their milk ready, just waiting on the donuts!
 First taste for Parker
 Payton taking her first bite, she looks so excited haha!
 Our miss personality :)!
 Payton, Elsy, Parker
Davin was pulling them up and down this big hill and they loved it!!

Such a fun morning with great friends! 

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