Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch, Devil's Den, Sick

A couple weeks ago Mandy and Andrew invited us to go to a Pumpkin Patch with them.  I love Fall and was excited to make our first trip of the season.  We got there a little later than we had hoped and so it got dark on us pretty quickly.  The kids had fun in the petting zoo and climbing up a big pile of hay.  Then we decided to try out the corn maze before we rode the cow train.  So we took off on what we thought was the kiddie maze, just roaming around not thinking much of it and thinking it was only going to take a little while...umm not so much!  After running into dead end after dead end, the guys decided to pull out the map and figure out where we were and how to get us out of the darn thing :)!  Of course we ended up in the big kid maze, but thankfully Davin and Andrew found where we were on the map and lead us out.  By that time the cow train rides were done, and so were we, ha :)!  No train ride this time, or pumpkin picking since it was too dark.  But we still had a good time.

That weekend we used our FNO time to organize Davin's office.  Bless his heart he is just not very organized.  He found an assistant (thank you Jesus for answered prayers) and so he wanted me to help him get things organized a bit before she started the following week.  I love to clean up and organize so I didn't mind spending our Friday night doing this.  We didn't get finished, but we got a lot done!

The next morning we went out to a state park to meet up with Mandy and Andrew who had been camping there.  Davin's parents also drove up to meet us out there.  I forgot my camera, but we had a good time enjoying the weather and visiting.

Joe got a job up here and so he and Amberley were up last week looking for a place to rent.  They found a very nice place and we were able to go see it and then have dinner with them.  We are so excited to have them up here!

The girls had school pictures for KDO last week.  I was a little worried Parker wouldn't get to have hers taken b/c she had gotten a fever the day before.  Thankfully they let us go first thing when we got there.  I think they are going to turn out pretty cute.  I left Payton at school and Parker and I went and ran some errands.  It was my first time to have just 1 kid.  I thought, man this is easy :)!  It was weird just having one child, but it was fun to get some quality time with Parker.  A couple times she said "tayton" (what she calls Payton), I think sweet thing missed her sister.  We picked Payton up around 11:30 so that they could both nap at home that afternoon.

That night I had a stomach bug.  One of these days I will get brave, but man I am such a baby when it comes to throwing up.  I hate it and it scares me!  Thankfully my mom came up Friday to take care of me and the girls.  She's the best!!  Poor Parker had fever the rest of the weekend, and apparently shared it with Payton.  So we are off to the Dr. tomorrow.

Davin had tickets to the game in Dallas and I was bummed that I got sick and couldn't go.  He had a great time with some friends and family and I was glad he was able to go and enjoy a fun game!  I can't believe it is October! 

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