Tuesday, October 25, 2011

War Eagle!

Two weeks ago, we finally started off our week healthy!!  And I had lots to do to catch up on from being sick.  It was a busy, but fun week!

 Parker LOVES this bear, it plays music.
On Monday we ran several errands and then later that night took dinner over to the Richey's.  They just had their second baby girl, Annabel!  She's beautiful just like big sis Adeline.  Tuesday morning me and the girls went to bible study and then came home for a quick and early lunch before I took them to Mandy's to play with Hunter while I went and got my hair cut. Wednesday we had MOPS and then I had a Dr. appointment so our sitter Dia came over to stay with the girls while they napped.  That evening I did some last minute cleaning before my mom and some family got here!

Thursday, War Eagle day, woohoo!  My brother and his wife were able to have the day off and so they came up with my mom to see the girls and hang out with us.  That was a fun surprise!  I have been going to War Eagle and a few local craft fairs since I was probably 12 years old.  My mom would take me out of school for Friday and we'd come up and stay with my grandma and go to the craft fairs and then shopping.  My aunt and cousin usually joined us.  It is a special tradition that I look forward to each year.  It worked out nicely that the girls had KDO on Thursday this year, so we were able to go to War Eagle while they were at school.  Jack, Audreyanna, and my mom all went with me to pick the girls up from KDO.  The girls were excited to see that Grandma and Uncle J and Auntie A were all there to pick them up! 
Davin took off on Friday to keep the girls and work from home so that my mom and I could continue our craft fair shopping.  I found a couple things that I thought I'd go back and get and when I did they were gone.  I learned my lesson!  Other than a couple of things we didn't find much this year, but we still enjoy just going! 
Saturday we had a birthday party for our friend Noah who turned 2!  The girls had fun running around outside playing with their friends.   My dad had come up to pick my mom up and then stay the night.  We all had a good afternoon and evening together.  Sunday morning we left for church and my parents headed back home.

I just can't believe that War Eagle has come and gone!  I had a wonderful weekend with my mom and family. I did not get any pictures...shame on me!

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