Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Party's

A couple weeks ago the girls had their fall party at KDO, so they got to dress up in their Halloween costume.  This year I decided to just make their outfits to save a little money!  I saw on pinterest, of course, a cute idea for a strawberry costume that looked easy enough for me to make.  Basically it was just a tutu with some felt pieces that I cut out to look like seeds and hot glued them on. Then I used some green tights they already had and got some red shirts and there ya go! 

 Playing in the guest bedroom before school.  I don't know how people get 2 kids to stop, look at the camera, and smile?!
My sweet little strawberries!
After I picked the girls up from 'school' we headed south to my parents to stay for the weekend.  Davin was in LA for Marathon number 5.
On Halloween we met up with some friends and went to Blocktober Fest at church.  It was basically like the fair, with rides, petting zoo, and fair food.  Lots of fun.  I was excited that the girls were big enough to ride a few rides, and they were so excited as we stood in line.  But once it was their turn to get on Payton wanted nothing to do with them.  She kept saying "no no no no".  So Parker, our adventurous one, rode the rides by herself.  It's so funny how different their personalities are.  Payton is our outgoing, miss personality, but a little fearful (not shy).  Parker is a little more quiet, but has no fear.
 We met up at the Futterer's home, and got a quick family photo before we left

 Elsy wore one of the girls cow costumes from last year.  Hard to believe they were that small just one year ago.  Payton was dancing to the music :)!
 Hunter, Ava, and Parker
 She was having so much fun! Sweet girl.
This picture cracks me up.  She just held on to that steering wheel the entire time haha!  Do I seriously have babies big enough to ride rides, what?!?

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