Monday, December 5, 2011

Rock 'N Roll Marathon # 4, 5, and 6!

*I'm behind, so I combined the last 3 races into one post...long with lots of pictures!

Back in October (21-23rd) we traveled to St. Louis for race number 4!  For this race, we left the girls with my parents so that we could enjoy a weekend getaway.  I am SO thankful for my parents and for their selflessness and willingness to help with the girls. 
Friday morning after the girls and my parents had left, we finished packing up and headed out to run a few quick errands before we left town.  Of course those few quick errands turned into a couple hours, HA!  So we ate lunch at a yummy Mexican place a few towns north of us and then hit the road!  It was a nice drive and it was good to be able to talk to each other the whole ride!
We got to St. Louis around 6 and after checking into our hotel we walked to a local BBQ place for dinner.
Saturday we were able to take our time getting up and nice.  We went out for brunch at a local place called The Rooster.  It was great.  Then we walked to the Expo and then to the Arch.  It was such a beautiful day and perfect weather.
After the Arch we drove to the Anhueser Busch building for a tour.  Our friend Jill went to school here and told us that it was a neat place, and although neither of us drink, it was free and we thought it would be neat.  My favorite part was seeing the Clydesdale's.  Those horses are beautiful. 
Next we went to Delmar Loop for some fro yo and to walk around and look at the shops.  Then we were off to dinner to meet up with a big group of friends.  Will was also running this marathon, so we met up with them, his brother Andrew and Laine, a few people from Atlanta that Will and Sarah know, and some of Laine's family.  We had a great night and enjoyed some carbs before the big run (I just enjoyed some carbs for all my cheering :)).
Davin always craves Mexican after a big run, so after showering and packing up we left the hotel and headed to Chevy's for some oh so good Mexican. 
I was thankful for a nice break in parenting, but I was excited to see my girls when we got home!  I know they had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa.
Amber, Davin,(a friend of Will's, forgot his name), Andrew, Will, Kevin

The following weekend Davin flew to LA to run in the 5th race of this series.  His childhood best friend, Donnie, just moved out there last winter and so Davin flew out on Thursday so that he could spend some time with Donnie.  They had some 'guy time' hiking and camping!  I was sad to miss this race and the trip to LA, but I know Davin enjoyed being able to catch up with Donnie (and enjoy some male bonding :))! 
The girls and I went to my parents for the weekend.  My mom and I did a few sewing projects and went to the local Fall Fest.
Laura, Donnie, and Del on the Pier in Malibu.  Miss them!!
Almost 2 weeks later we drove to San Antonio, TX for race #6, the final race of the series!  My parents hadn't ever been to San Antonio (us either) and so they joined us for the trip.  I decided we should just drive so we could pack all the stuff we needed instead of paying for 4 plane tickets, renting 2 car seats and 2 pack-n-plays, but I may rethink this next time :)!  The girls did very well, but man it was a LONG drive.  We stopped a lot so that the girls could run off energy from being in the car so much, so it just made for a long drive.  Car trips at this age (almost 22 months) are just harder b/c they don't just sleep all the time like they did when they were 7 months old and we drove to Destin, nor are they interested in TV/videos just yet (like 5min and they were done with them!).  All in all they did great and we had a wonderful time!
We left early Thursday morning so we got to SA around dinner time.  We stayed right on the riverwalk, so after checking into the rooms, we walked down to the river and found a place to eat and then it was back to the room to go to bed.
Friday we found a little local bakery and had a yummy breakfast and then headed to the Zoo.  I had heard/read great things about the Zoo here, but I wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be.  We still had a great morning and the weather was just beautiful!  I think the girls may have still been a little young for the zoo.  They liked the animals, but were more interested in running around and climbing on anything and everything.

After a quick stop at Subway for a light lunch, we headed to the Expo.  It was fun for my parents to finally get to see and experience all that comes with participating in runs that we've talked about for the last several years since we've been doing this. On our way to the Expo we stopped at the Alamo.  Can't come to SA and not see the Alamo. 
That evening we spent some time down on the Riverwalk and ate dinner at a really good Italian place.

Saturday we had breakfast at a favorite local place, Tim's Country Kitchen, and it was SO good!  Then off to Market Square for some shopping.  Mom and I had read that this was a neat place, but as Davin put it, "it was like shopping in a 3rd world country" ha!  We didn't stay long.  After a quick stop at the hotel we walked a few blocks to watch the Veterans day parade.  The girls had so much fun dancing to all the bands playing, and waving at everyone in the parade!  Then we headed to the RIM for some shopping and back to the Riverwalk for dinner and a boat ride/tour of the river.
 The girls got beads at the parade.
Sunday we got up bright and early to head to the start line.  We were able to walk to the start, then mile 3, and mile 8, and finally the finish!  It was fun to see Davin a few times and cheer him on.  We pretty much walked everywhere but a few places all weekend, it was nice!
Davin did great and after the long walk back to the hotel to pack up, we were on the road again! It was another LONG drive, but we made it home around midnight.
Davin has been wanting to participate in the Rock-n-Roll Marathon Series for a long time and eventhough I may have thought doing this before we had kids would be better :), I'm very proud of him and excited that he accomplished one of his goals!  Way to go babe, you rock! I love you!

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