Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas at Home and New Years Eve!

Christmas with the four of us was not what I had planned :)!  We usually do our Christmas before we leave town, but we were so busy that we just didn't have the time.  On Monday, the day after Christmas, we headed back home right after lunch.  That way we could get home and settled and do our Christmas.  Well, we had to run a few errands and we hadn't wrapped any presents so by the time we were ready to do our Christmas it was 8:30pm (which is usually the girls bedtime).  So we opened presents, kind of quickly, and then let the girls play 10min or so and then it was off to bed, for all of us :)!  We are taking advantage of the girls being young and not caring about how many gifts they get and grandparents spoiling them, that we got them just a couple things again this year ;).

New Years is a little different now that we have kids, but it's still a lot of fun.  Since New Years Day fell on a Sunday, Davin had half the day off on Friday and then all day off on Monday!!  Friday we didn't do too much, just got a few things done around the house while the girls napped.  Then that night we rented a movie.

Saturday we decided last minute to take a trip to a local State Park.  It was such a beautiful day.  Blue skies and high in the lower 60s!!  We packed up a picnic lunch and headed down the highway to the state park.  It was so beautiful!  The lake was so blue!  It was a little windy that day, but still great weather.  We had lunch and then let the girls play on the playground for a while.  Then we walked around and drove around checking it all out.  We thought for sure that the girls would be worn out and take their nap in the car on the way back...not so much!  We had planned to just take some back roads home and enjoy the scenery and let them nap, but they did not sleep!!  They were pretty good, only got fussy a few times, but did not sleep! 

 They got so excited when they saw this tree! They thought it was a Christmas tree :)

That night Donnie and Laura and their son Del were in town visiting family and we were so happy to get to see them before they flew back home to LA.  I hadn't seen Del and Laura since last Feb when Del was 2 months old, so he had changed a lot.  We had a good visit with them.  They also shared with us that they are expecting baby number 2 in late summer!  So happy for them!

I didn't stay up to ring in the new year this year:)!  Davin was up finishing up studying for his lesson on Sunday so he was sweet enough to come kiss me at midnight.  So even though I didn't see the ball drop I still got my kiss at midnight, ha :)!

Monday was kind of a catch up and run errands kind of day.  It was pretty relaxing.  We've had a great couple of months traveling, but I am glad to be home and get back to our normal daily routine.

I don't really have many new years resolutions, I just pray that I seek Jesus first in all I do!

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