Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Fun in Branson!

*I really wanted to be caught up before the New Year, but I haven't even done December!  So here goes...

We go to Branson with my family every year around Thanksgiving (depending on who's side of the family we are with that year) to see the lights at SDC and do some shopping.  We love it!  I knew the girls would really enjoy the lights at SDC this year because they have LOVED seeing all the Christmas lights around town!

This year was a little different though.  Normally we spend 3 or 4 nights in a condo and kind of space things out and enjoy our time with each other running around Branson, and also in the condo playing games and watching movies.  Things just change when everyone grows up and has families of their own.  It's hard to work around every body's schedule, so this year just our family of 4 met up with my parents (who brought my nephew Zak, while my sister and her hubby were in Dallas).  We just stayed one night in a hotel down by the Landing.  It was a fast trip, but still fun even though we missed the rest of the fam!

We drove up early afternoon on Friday. After checking into the hotel and a quick stop at the Outlets, we made our way to SDC.  The girls did love all the millions of lights, and Parker rode all the kiddie rides.  Davin and I took turns riding some rides with Zak.  Payton still wants nothing to do with rides (hopefully she'll grow out of this!).  We did manage to get her on the carousel and she enjoyed it!
For the last several years we have watched the Dickens Christmas Carol so of course we had to watch it this year!  It's always a good show, and the girls were great through the whole thing!  I'm sad that it is not going to be there next year.  They are replacing it with It's A wonderful Life, so that will have to become our new tradition.

The next morning we got up and had a yummy breakfast and then hit the outlets and Landing for some shopping.  The girls were a little fussy.  I guess at almost 2 years old, they don't want to sit in a stroller all day ;)!  And it was cold and rainy!  My parents and Zak headed home and Davin and I did just a little more shopping and then found a Mexican place in downtown Hollister and it was SO good. 

Such a fun weekend and great way to kick off December!! Love making memories with our girls!

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