Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Parties Galore

The second weekend in December we had lots of fun celebrating the Christmas season with friends all weekend long!

Thursday night I went to a GNO cookie exchange party. Since it was just for girls,  Davin and the babies stayed home and Amberley, Mandy, and I headed to our friend Kayla's house.  This party is fun because I get to see a few girls I went to college with and then also meet lots of new people that go to church with them.  Some of our friends, the Blanchards, moved to a town 30 min north of us to start a church a couple years ago.
We ate dinner, played games, talked, exchanged (and ate) lots of yummy desserts, and talked some more!  It was a great way to kick off the Christmas parties!

Friday night we had Davin's work Christmas party.  It was at a hotel in town and they had some really good food catered in.  These work parties can get a little crazy and after dinner I'm usually ready to head home.  I do enjoy catching up with some of the other wives who I don't see very often!  There were lots of people there from all 3 offices (Here, Tulsa, LR)  and they always do a dirty Santa exchange.  I don't play, but Davin does and he left with an "awesome" green sparkly Santa sweater, woohoo.  A little after 9 we left and went to pick our girls up from FNO and head home.

Saturday night we had our annual small group Christmas party!  Always such a fun time!!  Sweet Dia came over to watch the girls for us.  **Side note: Dia got engaged over the Holiday and we are so so happy and excited for her, but I'm also a little sad.  It's not easy finding a sitter that you trust and love and that your kids love!!  She will be moving away, so we will have to get all our date nights in for the year between now and May ;)! We will miss her very much!! Thankfully we still have another wonderful sitter Claire!**
Ok, back to the party...After Dia got here we headed to a yummy Mexican place for dinner.  Then it was off to the Rowe's house for dessert and dirty santa!
 Helga, Shannon, Jodi, Me, and Lindsey
 Brett, Cody, and Davin
Helga(and baby girl), Michelle, Lindsey, Me, Jill, Shannon (and Reagan), Katie, and Jodi
Remember that "awesome" sweater I said that Davin won at his work party?  We re-gifted it and Jason ended up with it!  Mark ended up with this lovely turtle neck.  This was the second year for it to have an appearance, so I'm sure we'll be seeing both of these items next year :)! haha!

Davin co-teaches our small group with our close friend Mark, and on Sunday night we had our Leadership party.  It was at the church and they provided dinner and Chris spoke and gave each couple a gift and then we just visited with the other teachers.  It's fun to be able to get together with the other young couples small group teachers because we normally don't see them.  I feel like we meet new ones at each get together!

The next week my friend Krystal asked me to do dinner with her and I was so happy she did!  We used to meet monthly for lunch before we had our kids.  Now it's just sporadic!  I was glad we were able to do dinner so that we could just talk for however long we wanted to without having to be back at work, or tend to the kids, etc!  We met at Olive Garden and were there for 2 hours catching up!  It was fun!
Before I met up with Krystal, Davin and I took the girls to the mall to see Santa.  Last year at 11 months they liked him.  Well, this year they did not.  So the picture of the girls with Santa is a picture of the 4 of us with Santa, haha!! 

It was a busy weekend, but so much fun!!  We are so thankful for and blessed by the friends God has allowed us to do life with.  Thank you Jesus!
Also that week, the girls had their Christmas party at KDO!  I'm not sure what all they do, but I'm sure they have fun!

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