Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catching Up

I have slacked with my updates and with pictures.  I take my camera everywhere and then just don't remember to get it out.  I think my excuse is that I'm just busy with what's going on and don't remember to go grab it.  I NEED to get better :)!  The reason I do this blog is for me and our family to be able to have a "journal/scrapbook" of our life and it's not as fun without having pictures to remember things and look back on.

Well the girls had their second day of KDO a couple weeks ago.  They did great!  They just walk right in and start playing. I'm so glad they enjoy their time there and it's been good for me too.

A couple weekends ago we went home to my parents where we met up with my sister and her family and my brother (his wife was working and couldn't join us) to celebrate my dad's birthday.  The 3 of us kids decided to cook him a big meal with some of his favorite things.  This was a first for us, HA!  Julie did the main dish which was fried chicken and also some scalloped corn, and green beans, Jack did fried potatoes, and I made the dessert.  My first attempt at a homemade cherry pie, and then our favorite, apple dumplings.  It all turned out great!  It was a quick trip home but it was great being with all my family.  I think my dad had a great birthday, we love you dad/grandpa!!

 Both the girls figured out how to climb this ladder and slide down the slide all by themselves.  I would consider this a 'big kid swing set' so I was surprised.  Of course we were right behind them while they climbed :)! Getting so big, my sweet girls!

That following Sunday was the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  I can't believe it has been 10yrs.  I will always remember that day.  I was a Senior in High School and it was the end of 1st period, which was math for me.  My best friend Whitney was sitting next to me when we heard the announcement over the intercom from our principal Mr. White.  We were confused and didn't really know what had happened and at the time thought it was just some crazy accident.  When I got to my second period, Mr. Bradley for Physics, he had the tv on and we all just sat there watching, and saw the 2nd plane hit.  I don't remember much else about school that day except we pretty much just watched it all on TV.  I do remember that after we got out that one of my friends and I went to get gas and we sat in line for around an hour and the price of gas went way up.  My heart hurts for all the people that lost loved ones, but I'm so thankful we serve a BIG God and that He is a faithful and merciful God who loves us so much!

Last week I started a new bible study at church.  I am really enjoying it so far.  There are only 4 of us so that will be neat for a change.  I'm used to being in a big group.
Also last week the girls got the stomach bug for the first time.  It was awful.  Payton woke up around 11pm (WHY must the 'bug' hit at night??) and after 2 bed changes, baths, and pj changes, we decided it was going to be a long night, so we sat on the couch with Payton and a towel as she continued to get sick every 30 minutes.  Parker just got sick one time so we were able to put her back to bed around 1am and she slept the rest of the night.  It was just so sad.  So of course they had to miss KDO the next day and I spent the day cuddling sickly babies and clorox-ing the entire house :)!

Last Friday one of my sweet friends, Rachel, came over to the house while the girls napped so we could catch up.  I enjoy our time together!
That night we were supposed to use FNO, but since the girls had been sick I didn't want to get them around anyone, so we asked our sitters Dia and Claire if they would sit for us.  We went out with Jason and Katie to Mojitos, love us some Mexican, and then we were supposed to go see Seven Years in Utopia, but when we got to the Theater it wasn't showing there anymore :(.  So we went to plan B!  We got some dessert at Cherry Berry,yum, and went to their house to play cards!  We hardly ever get to play cards with friends anymore so it was fun!

Monday night we had a Sprinkle Shower for Abby at Panera Bread.  It was just a girls night, so I had a lot of fun visiting and laughing with everyone!  I'm so excited to meet baby boy Milbrodt in just a few short weeks and to find out his name (they are keeping it a surprise until he gets here)!
Just a few random iPhone pics:
 Parker in her cute pig tails :)!  They LOVE to wear my shoes around the house!
 I caught them the other day just sitting in the corner of the kitchen giving each other hugs!  I hope and pray they are always the best of friends!
They had a check up at the dr., and while we waited they played 'ring around the rosies', their new favorite game :)! 

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