Wednesday, September 7, 2011


September 1st was a big day for our girls.  It was their first day of 'school'!  We decided to put the girls in our church's KDO program this year.  They just go one day a week and I think it will be good for them and that they are going to enjoy it!  And even though I missed them and was so ready to pick them up that afternoon, I know it will be good for me too. 
The night before I got their lunches all packed and their backpacks ready to go.  I hope I can continue this the whole year so that I'm not rushing even more in the morning!  Davin decided he wanted to go with me to take the girls to their first day.  I was thankful b/c I wasn't sure how it was all going to work.  I'm so sad b/c I really wanted to document their first day well with lots of pictures.  But, of course I was feeling a little rushed and forgot my camera.  I hope this week I can get more pictures!
The girls went right on in to class and I headed out to get 1,000 things done before 1:45 ;)!  I felt myself getting a little sad as I drove out of the church parking lot.  I think I may always feel this way as each new year of school begins.
That afternoon I had so much to do.  I used to be really organized.  Of course at that time I only worked 3 days a week and no kids, so it was much easier to be organized.  Things have changed a little (for the better) and so I procrastinate too much. 
September 1st, is also Davin's birthday! I had ordered Davin's main bday gift, but of course it wasn't going to get here on his bday, so I wanted to have a few other things for him to open on his day.  We were also having  our 'fam night' that night to celebrate his birthday.  So I had to run around and get some gifts and then get home and clean my house and cook some brownies for dessert that night. 
I was able to get my list done and house clean by 1:40, just in time to go get the girls.  I was so excited to see them.  They did really well.  Parker only slept about 15min, and surprisingly Payton slept for 1 1/2 hrs.  At home they take one nap, from 1:30-4:30/5.  But at KDO they put them down at 11am, I don't get this?!  So I tried to put them down once we got home, but after 45 minutes they were just not going to sleep.  Parker was pretty fussy the rest of the day.  I'm hoping they get used to their KDO schedule or sleep when they get home! 
That night Mandy, Andrew, and Trish all came over, and Joe did too since he was in town.  We celebrated Davin's bday with Pioneer Woman's White Chicken Enchiladas (Oh so yummy!) and dessert.  I think Davin had a great 31st birthday.  He is a wonderful Husband to me and daddy to our girls.  They just adore and love him, and so do I! 

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