Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a wonderful long Holiday weekend.  Our friend Joe has been doing a month long internship up here and instead of going home this weekend, Amberley and Elsy decided to come up and check out the area in case they move up here.  Friday Amberley and E came over in the afternoon and while the kids napped we got to visit some.  Then once the guys got off work we did a little shopping.  We went to Carters b/c they were having a 50% off everything sale.  I found some cute things.  Then we headed to the mall to run a couple more errands and eat.
Saturday morning the guys went on a bike ride and Ams and I decided to go for a run.  We didn't make it to the trail till 9:30 and by then it was already getting a little warm.  It was a good run, just 4 miles, but man it was a tough run.  Pushing both the girls and with some of those hills, makes for a tough run.  I was glad we did it though!  Good way to start the day.  We then headed downtown to a local place to eat and then went to a fun store on the square.

 I was getting our guest room ready and the Pack n Play set up for Elsy and the girls decided they wanted to play in it.  It kept them entertained for a while, so that was good :)!
 Out to eat at Hammontrees.  Can you tell we are right in the heart of Razorback country?  Pretty much everyone in the restaurant was sporting Hogs gear. 
Amberley and Joe.  Elsy Kate was sleeping in her car seat.

That evening was the first Razorback game.  We decided not to attend the game since it was a late game and we didn't want to take the girls.  I'm sure the grandparents will be taking turns while we attend some games this season.  We went over to Brett and Jodi's house with a few other friends to watch the game.  And by that I mean the girls watched the kids while the guys watched the game ;)!  Thankfully the girls all played well together and so us adults got to visit.  I didn't see one play of the entire game, but we won!  Go Hogs!

 Last time the girls were at Ava's house, she taught them how to play 'ring around the rosy'.  Payton thinks it's the greatest thing :)!

 Micah's bloomers and sweet chunky legs!
Me, Abby, and Jodi

Sunday morning we had a great service at church and then headed home to relax while P&P took their afternoon nap.  Amberley and I did a little shopping during nap time.  While she was up here, she taught me how to make these super cute felt clips for our girls.  There are so many things you can do and make!  I made some 'hogs' ones for game day and then a 'P' one.  The weather had turned SO nice, like low 70s and zero humidity, so we had to take advantage of it.  That evening after dinner we went to the park so the guys could play a little frisbee golf and Ams and I could walk.  The weather was so so nice.

We had a great time with the Futterers this weekend.  I know God has a plan for their lives and I'm thankful that they are trusting Him to lead Joe to a great job.  If it happens to be up here we will be thrilled, but God knows where that perfect place for them will be.

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