Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Last weekend we had a fellowship with our small group!  I love that our small group gets together often.  We all have children around the same age and so it's fun to get together and let the kids play and adults visit!  This fellowship was a pool party and dinner.  The girls have really been enjoying the pools this summer.  After swimming we had a yummy dinner and then the kids were entertained by Lego's and Papa Wayne (Heather's dad) so the adults were able to sit around the table and visit. 

On Sunday night I attended GNO that our church put on.  Anita Renfroe and Mandisa put on a great performance.  I had seen Anita Renfroe on GMA once, but didn't know much else about her.  And I had watched Mandisa on American Idol and then have listened to her on the radio.  Most of the girls from our small group were able to attend.  We met up to eat at Five Guys and dessert at TCBY before the event.  It was such a fun night with some great friends!

Side note: So Payton and Parker have really been into shoes for a couple months now!  They love to put their shoes on before we leave the house or go outside.  They love to get in my closet and get my shoes to wear around the house.  It is so funny.  They even try to wear my high heels.  I have some flats that have a little heel and so they click when you walk and they just love to wear those around and hear the "click click click".  They have a few pair of their shoes that they can actually put on themselves and so they think they are so 'big' :)!

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