Monday, August 22, 2011

Bye Bye Paci

Let me start from the beginning :)! 
When the girls were born at 35 wks, they had to stay in the NICU for 10 days.  While in the NICU they were given a pacifier (which I was fine with).  I don't know if the nurses just gave it to them or if they were upset and it calmed them down??  I really don't know?  I say this b/c once we got them home they weren't that interested in them.  I think I just gave it to them b/c I thought they wanted it b/c that's what the nurses did in the NICU.  But after a week they just did not want them. 
Then when they were probably 2 or 3 months old (i can't really remember)  I was working on getting them on a consistent nap schedule.  I would put them in their crib awake so they could learn how to fall asleep on their own (well without me always having to rock them or be in the swing first.  I know not everyone agrees with this, but that's what worked for us.)  Anyway it was tough at first and although I didn't want them to depend on a paci, I was desperate (or so I felt) and I tried to 'force' it on them.  Parker didn't want anything to do with ANY paci.  And after a few tries Payton decided she liked it (only the soothie kind).  So at the time I was thankful, but knew I might be in trouble later on.  I only let her use it for naps and bedtime.  Thankfully my girls were good babies, and happy most of the time so during the day they really didn't need one anyway. 

So I thought that I wanted to get rid of it when they turned 1yr.  Well that time came and I just wasn't ready :)!  I know I probably sound silly, but the paci still made her seem like a baby and part of me was not ready to let that go.  I thought she looked so cute with that green paci.  I still do and honestly I kind of miss it. 

Then they turned 18 months and I just thought I better do it now before she gets too attached.  And she had started waking up occasionally during nap time or at night and couldn't find her paci so I'd have to go in there and find it for her.  I didn't really care for that ;).  So, Wednesday, August 10th, I decided right before nap time that this would be the day.  I cut the tip off the paci and gave it to her.  I accidentally cut too much off so she couldn't really even keep it in (I felt bad, I wasn't planning to quit cold turkey).  Well that did the trick as far as not wanting that paci.  BUT, it took her about 30min to fall asleep.  I had to go in and pat her little bottom and console her a few times.  That night it took about an hour, but she didn't wake up once in the night.  The next day was a little better but kind of the same.  By day 2 she was pretty much over it!!  Success!  I'm sure the fact that she only used it to fall asleep as opposed to throughout the day, made it a little easier. I did replace the paci with a lovie (i'm sure that's a parenting no-no, but I'm fine with it).  She doesn't really need it either though, she usually just throws it out of the crib, ha!

I'm happy to be past the paci stage, but sad that my babies are growing up so fast.

Payton in the NICU. 
 Parker and Payton.  Those paci's were SO big when they were 4 and 5lbs.

It's so hard for me to remember them being so tiny, yet it seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital.
 Payton in the swing
 Payton in the bouncy seat.
Payton in the pack n play while in Destin.
 This is the day we got rid of the paci. She had just tried to suck on the paci with the tip cut off.
 Then she threw it :)
My last picture of her with a paci :(.  This is the cut one so this lasted long enough for me to get one last picture before she threw it out of the crib.
Bye bye paci.

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