Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun Summer Days With Friends

I can't believe that it is already August!!  The weather here has been crazy hot!  It's crazy to me that in the same year we have set records for the amount of snow fall (over 2 feet in one day) and records for amount of days we have had with record breaking heat (in the 100 degrees)!  I would take warm weather over cold weather any day, but honestly it's even been a little hot for me :)!
Last weekend we had our garage sale with some friends.  We all did really well and I was thankful for that and thankful to get my house cleaned out and have all that stuff gone!
My parents came up on Saturday to visit.  I was sad it was a quick visit, but my mom had been in DC the week before and was scheduled to have carpal tunnel surgery on her right hand the following Monday, so she wanted to squeeze in a quick trip so she could hold the girls since she won't be able to lift anything for a few weeks.  I'm thankful they got to come, it was a fun day!
Sunday evening after the girls nap, we decided to finally take the girls to the pool at the gym.  I can't believe we've gone all summer without doing this!! They have a couple pools, but one is a kiddie pool that's a little over a foot deep with a mushroom fountain in it and the Parker just walked all around it.  Payton isn't as adventurous as Parker, but she had fun just playing in her same spot!  They really enjoyed it, and so did we!  We will be going back before it closes.
Monday we had fam night over at Mandy's and a few extra family members were up so it was good to see them. 
Wed night was a 'first' for us.  We used actual babysitters ha!  We've left the girls at nursery, the gym, and with family, but never with a sitter.  Thankfully 2 of the girls that work in Payton and Parker's Sunday school nursery class like to babysit and so they are now our sitters!  I love these girls, they are so sweet and love P&P!  So I wasn't afraid to leave the girls b/c I knew they were in good hands! We went out to dinner with some of our friends, Brett and Jodi, and had a great time.  We love our babies, but it's nice and refreshing to have a break! We had a great night!

Thursday morning we met up with some friends, Meg and Jax, and Abby and Ava to play at a splash park!  It wasn't very crowded (I think b/c it was a little cloudy) and the kids had a lot of fun!  Parker was on the move the entire time, just running through the water and playing, our miss independent! She and Jax loved it.  Payton didn't like the sprinklers, fountains, etc as much, but had fun walking/running around (away from the water) with Ava. Ava didn't like the water either so they stuck together. 

You can't tell very good in this picture, but Parker has the biggest smile ever! Sweet girl having fun!
This week has flown by, but I'm glad it's Friday!  Davin and I are going to use FNO for the girls and go play some tennis.  I haven't played since before I had the girls, so we'll see how it goes :)!
Just for me to remember: my girls have developed a love for strollers (their size ones)!  Payton likes to put babies in it and stroll them around.  Parker doesn't want anything to be in the stroller haha!  They first discovered them at Ava's house and so I had to go get them one!  They push that thing around all day!  I'll be getting a second one very soon :)!
 Parker pushing the baby around.  She soon realized that Payton put the baby there and she took it out :)!
Payton putting the babies in.  (It's been rather hot here so a few days when we didn't have to go anywhere I just let them play in their diapers ha!)

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