Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What a fun weekend!

We started the weekend off with a date night on Friday!  The girls went to church for FNO (again, so thankful for this ministry our church does!) and Davin and I headed to the tennis courts.  I had not played tennis since before I was pregnant.  Davin and I used to play  when we were dating and before we had the twins.  We love it!  I told Davin that I felt like we were back in college with the kind of date we had :)!  We played tennis, then went to taco bell, and then walked next door to Braums for dessert :)!  I still love these kinds of date nights.  After we picked up the girls and put them to bed, we watched a movie.  Great way to start the weekend.

Saturday morning Davin went to help with a church service opportunity while I stayed home with the girls and cleaned the house.  That afternoon while the girls napped, we detailed both of our cars.  We were probably a little crazy since it was so hot, but thankfully there was a breeze!  That evening we went to a birthday party for some of our friends little girl that turned 1! 
On our way to Micah's birthday party.

Payton, Parker, Micah, and Ava. Parker was a little clingy this weekend (so not like her).

Sunday we went to church and then some of our friends from out of town sent me a text to let me know they were up and wanted to meet for lunch.  So after church we met up with them.  It was good to visit with them.  Late afternoon I met up with Mandy at the gym and then Davin and the girls joined me to swim at the club with Mandy, Andrew, and Hunter.  The girls are really enjoying the pools this year.  After some splashing around we all went and got a smoothie then headed home.
Drew and Parker at lunch, so sweet they are holding hands!

Monday night our church had our annual Family fun night at the Aquatic park.  The girls had lots of fun, but after about 40min the fun was put on 'hold' b/c there was lightning.  We ended up leaving by the time we were allowed to get back in so that we could get the girls their bath and put them to bed.  I didn't get many pics, and they were running from one place to the next so I couldn't get a good pic b/c they did not want to stand still!
 Payton and Westin
 Parker and Adeline
We had a fun filled weekend and start to our week!

Side note for me:
We had to get rid of our diaper champ b/c even after the multiple times of cleaning and bleaching the smell just would not go away, and I have yet to get a replacement.  So wet diapers we just throw away in the trash can and poopy ones we tie up and put in the garage trash can.  So I guess Payton had just caught on to me taking them from the changing table to the trash can.  One afternoon about a month ago I was putting some laundry in the dryer and next thing I know, Payton is getting the diapers and taking them to the trash can in the kitchen to throw away. I was so surprised and proud :)!  Everyday, she will get the diapers walk them to the kitchen, open the pantry door, throw the diaper away, and close the door.  Such a big girl.  Parker has done it a few times, but is not as interested.  Maybe Payton will be like me and like to clean?!

For a few months now the girls have been really into giving hugs and kisses. It is the sweetest thing ever!  I cannot get enough of those hugs and kisses!  If I am in the floor playing with them, out of the blue one will just get a big smile on their face and run to me with arms open wide and wrap their little arms around my neck and give me a big hug (the kind where their arms wrap tightly around your neck) and then give me kisses.  Melts my heart every single time.  I hope this last for a LONG time. 
Thank you Lord for allowing me to be their mommy and for blessing me abundantly.

"How priceless is your unfailing love o God!.." Ps. 36:7

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