Thursday, August 25, 2011

Playdate With Daddy and Other Fun Stuff

*Two posts today!  Had to catch up :)!

Last week Davin was gone M-Th with work stuff so he took off on Friday to spend time with us.  I love when he is able to do this.  It was still a busy day though.  My cousin and her husband were coming up to stay the weekend with us and since I was gone all week, I had to spend most of my time getting the house cleaned and doing some cooking.  So Davin and the girls had some play time while I cleaned the house!  The girls LOVE to be outside and so Davin filled up their little pool his mom got them and they played in that, ran through the sprinkler, chased the dog, and did a little swinging until they were worn out! 

 I mean, how cute are those pig tails?!
 Parker is my little water baby!
Yes, our grass needed to be mowed, and Davin did that afternoon!  And those diapers soon came off and the bare bottoms made the slide super slippery :)!
Later that day, Rachel and Drew made it to our house and we took the girls to FNO while the 4 of us adults went out to dinner and then to play putt-putt.  I wish I had taken some pictures.  The next day the guys went golfing early and us girls went shopping.  Rach and Drew headed home that afternoon.  We were glad they came to visit.
Sunday our church had it's annual Fall Kick-off and promotion Sunday.  The girls moved to the other side of the hallway, but thankfully have the same SS hour teachers that we love!  They ask that you wear your favorite team clothing, which means Razorback up here :)!  The girls looked so cute, but of course we were running around like crazy in the morning and then chasing after them at the picnic/tailgate lunch that I only snapped 2 pictures :(!  It was fun, but SO hot so we headed home shortly after eating to get the girls down for their nap and cool off.
 Payton running around.
Parker and 'dada'!
We ended our weekend having dinner over at Adam and Helga's!  They are some of our good friends, but we hadn't seen them in a while.  Having dinner together was long overdue!  Noah and the girls had fun running around.  I think I even brought my camera and just didn't take a picture.  I guess I was just too busy visiting and catching up.

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